PAMECA IV holds its 6th Steering Committee Meeting


PAMECA IV holds its 6th Steering Committee Meeting

PAMECA IV an indispensable instrument in the progress achieved

On 10 March 2016, PAMECA IV held the sixth Stakeholders’ Committee co-chaired by PAMECA IV Team Leader, Mr Butini, Director of the Albanian State Police, Mr Haki Çako and Mr. Kostaq Beluri, Director of Task Force Directorate at the General Prosecutor’s Office.


The sixth Steering Committee meeting of PAMECA IV took place at the premises of the Security Academy. This meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Albanian State Police, General Prosecutor’s Office, Embassies of the Consortium countries, Delegation of European Union to Albania (EUD), and other secondary beneficiary institutions and projects.


The Steering Committee is the steering body of the project in charge of verifying the achievement of the outputs and results and discussing actions to be undertaken, approving the semi-annual work plans as well as recommending and approving modifications to the progress of the project and the work plan.


Mr Butini, the PAMECA IV Team Leader gave an overview of the activities of the Project in all its six intervention areas as per WP of Semester 5, highlighting the main achievements as well as pending issues to be addressed in the upcoming period. Since the upcoming semester is the last one for the project, most of the activities have by now been finalized or on the way of finalization, or merged with one another as the activities of the project become more and more interlinked and the project starts its gradual phasing out.


PAMECA IV has established a strong partnership with the beneficiaries who rated it as an indispensable tool for the progress of the country in the area of law-enforcement and asked for this kind of support not to cease.


The Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs (DMoIA), Mr Marko stated that PAMECA IV was an unquestionably, crucial component which had influenced during these years on the strengthening of the role of Albanian police which in cooperation with prosecution office had achieved not few results in the area of organized crime, serious crimes, illegal trafficking, money laundering and fight against corruption. The Deputy Minister considered PAMECA IV a successful partner and a natural component for the EU integration of Albanian Police.


Mr Çako, the Director of the ASP acknowledged that PAMECA IV was one of the main partners in reformation of ASP with a huge, active, tangible contribution on the further development of police organization.


The sixth Stakeholders’ Committee Meeting approved the Work Plan for the sixth semester March 2016 – August 2016.



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