SSP partnership project launched


SSP partnership project launched

On 6 May 2015, the Schools, Social Services and Police Partnership project (SSP), setting up an inter-institutional structure with the aim to prevent and reduce crime among youths, was launched in a National Conference in Tirana with the participation of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr Tahiri, the EUD Ambassador Ms Vlahutin, the PAMECA IV Team Leader Mr Butini, among other stakeholders’ representatives, such as the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, Ministry of Education and international partners as well as other domestic institutions and civil society organisations.

As part of its action in the area of community policing, PAMECA IV has supported the Police in Tirana to establish a crime prevention inter-institutional structure based on the cooperation between schools, social service and police, with the wider participation of other relevant stakeholders from government and civil society.

The SSP partnership project is launched as a pilot project in Tirana with the objective of being extended in other regions in the country and the aim of creating responsible, law-abiding citizens by investing in the young generations who will make the future of Albania.

This community oriented structure is modelled on School, Social Service and Police (SSP) partnership – a best practice from an EU MS, the Denmark.

This conference marked the beginning of the pilot phase consisting in the establishment of a SPP structure first at strategic level -composed of the Directors of Education, Social Services and Police Regional Directorates -and then mirrored at local level (management and implementation levels) – composed of local police officers, school teachers, social workers and other relevant stakeholders.

The model has so far been successfully tested in Tirana having all three levels set up with about 90 members: police officers, school teachers and social service workers, with the aim to replicate it in other regions.

PAMECA IV will continue to support the development and consolidation of the SSP organization in Tirana and its introduction and implementation in other districts of Albania.

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May 8, 2015 / PAMECA IV News