Study Visit on “Border Security and Migration”


Study Visit on “Border Security and Migration”

In the framework of PAMECA IV Work Plan aiming to assist Albanian Authorities in further aligning the Albanian Border Security System to the 2006 Council conclusions on Integrated Border Management Strategy, a 3 days study visit was organized in Vienna, Austria, on “Border Security and Migration”.

The Study Visit was held on 9th – 11th of January, at the premises of Vienna International Airport. Representatives of Albanian Authorities actively participated in this activity, respectively, Mr. Genc Merepeza, General Director on Border and Migration, and Mr. Ermal Milori, Chief of Rinas Commissariat. A general introduction of the airport was initially provided for the Albanian officials. They were also introduced to specific issues of common interest for both Austrian and Albanian countries, such as equipment’s of first and second line checks; transit zone patrolling; asylum applications; returns and refusals of entry.

Another interesting topic that was widely covered by the relevant Austrian Authorities was related to patrolling, surveillance and access control to the airport perimeter. Albanian Police Officials had the possibility to visit the premises of Central Unit Security, a very important and sensitive Unit that provided access to cameras throughout the airport, in and out of the premises of the airport. This Unit had a double function, as it served as an emergency call Unit as well.

The visit at the baggage and hand luggage screening Unit was of high interest for the participants and they were demonstrated with concrete cases of the screening process.

Another topic that Albanian Authorities expressed their interest were the trainings, either basic or continuous training sessions for border police officers. Trainings are considered a good opportunity to exchange experience, best lessons learnt and share different obstacles and problems.

The study visit served to exchange views and practical experience with Austrian counterparts on border police and application of security measures. Professional and interactive technical discussion took place throughout the study visit.

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