Support for the Albanian Police Union


Support for the Albanian Police Union

On 7-8 November 2013 PAMECA IV held a seminar to further support the Albanian Police Union capacity to broker with the Ministry of Interior and other relevant Ministries more favorable contractual terms for the police officers.

The seminar was developed and delivered by a Short Term Expert from the Italian State Police with a solid Police Union experience. The two day seminar shared the model and best practices of Italy on how to promote and enhance the capacities of the Police Union(s) in efficiently negotiating and brokering the police officers more favorable contractual terms and working conditions with their employer i.e the Albanian State Police.

The seminar was attended by 35 participants- representatives of the Union at central and branch level, as well as representatives of ASP  human resources offices at the ASP General Directorate and the twelve Regional Police Directorates.

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