Tirana SSP organization (School, Social Service and Police)


Tirana SSP organization (School, Social Service and Police)

The Director of Tirana Police Directorate have decided together with directors of Tirana Education Directorate and the Social Services in Tirana to implement a new structure – called Tirana SSP organization (School, Social Service and Police) – in order to be able and more effective to do crime preventive activities and work to ensure a better life for children, young people and their families.

Meetings and activities has been ongoing for some month to implement the SSP Tirana structure (Danish SSP model) to be organized following:

  • Steering Committee (SSP Directors / strategic level)
  • Management level (SSP management and coordination level)
  • Implementation level (SSP teachers, social workers and police officers)

It is decided to organize / divide Tirana Region in six local areas and to implement six local management groups and six local implementation groups.

The implementation groups to arrange monthly meetings and based on the local situation about children and young people – in common decide how to act on the problems in agreement with the management level

The SSP structure is not completed yet, but a lot of good work has been done – as the local groups are more or less in place. They are having monthly meetings, discuss their worries, and prepare plans and activities for the coming months.

The directors (SSP) have signed their first SSP Tirana strategy for 2015 / 16. The strategy explains the structure, function and responsibilities etc.

A study trip for the directors took place in the end of January 2015 to Copenhagen to meet their counterpart in the SSP Copenhagen to get their perspective on the preventive work. The study visit supported by Taiex (EU) as well as the coming workshop to be held in Tirana on 6 – 7 May 2015 to set even more focus on crime prevention and the SSP cooperation in Tirana.

It is a process to bring three different institutions together with different culture and backgrounds, but the fact is that it is going quite well – and with the right focus, will and priority it surely can by time be a strong cooperation

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April 22, 2015 / PAMECA IV News