Practical Undercover Training Completed under Activity 2.5

Practical Undercover Training Completed under Activity 2.5

From the 19th to the 30th of October, a practical training for undercover agents was delivered by two British experts together with the assistance of the handlers of the UC unit and some experienced undercover agents.

This training had two objectives: firstly, to practically train agents which had not attended a training session and the newly recruited ones, and secondly to complete the training for trainers of undercover unit. It is worth mentioning that this latter activity had started in July with the delivery of a one week training especially devoted to trainers.

During this intensive training a Prosecutor from the Serious Crimes Prosecution Office made a legal presentation on “provocation” and regarding the related European Court of Human Rights decisions. A practical exercise, in DURRES Court, has been conducted to put undercover agents in a real situation to make statement in a trial and to face defence e lawyer allegations.
The first week was mainly devoted to the creation of criminal legends and how to manage infiltration (cold infiltration and through source introduction), focusing on the psychological aspect of an undercover agent in such situations, during simulated contacts with criminals.

Trainers emphasized on the mixture of stress situations and security measures to be undertaken in balance with operational results and successful achievements.

Two operations have been conducted along the two weeks in compliance with the whole scope of undercover activities and duties with the contribution of external role-players.

Among the nine trainees, only six have successfully passed this training.

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