Preliminary assessment on budget planning and managing


One of the primary objectives of the PAMECA IV project’s activities is to support the Albanian State Police to improve the administrative and organisational capacities to plan and manage the financial resources. Component I ‘Structure, Organization, Human Resoiurces,Logistics and Budgeting’ of PAMECA IV Workplan is specifically devoted to this objective.
In the framework of Activity 1.10 of the above mentioned component, ‘Support the Economic Directorate to plan and prioritize budget according to the needs and priorities of ASP’, PAMECA IV recruited a Short Term Expert (STE) who conducted a preliminary assessment on budget planning and managing as well as allocation of resources. This asessment took place between 5-6 March 2014 by the STE, Mr Sorrentino, who meet with representatives from the Albanian State Police Budget Directorate management, representative of the Projects Section at the ASP and head of Finance Directorate at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Based on the findings of this first assessment mission on the budget planning process and budget managemeent, on the allocation and management of resources, recommendations will be provided and a workshop that will be delivered during the second mission at the end of March beginning of April. The target group of the workshop is the senior management level staff and the Economic Directorate and Finance Directorate staff.