Workshop on “Invalidity effects”


Workshop on “Invalidity effects”

In the framework of PAMECA IV Work Plan and in particular of Activity 2.7, which provides for developing further corruption analysis and internal cooperation and coordination among relevant institutions, PAMECA IV organised the Workshop on “Invalidity effects” with a special focus on Albanian Legislation.

The Workshop was held on 22nd of February 2017, at the premises of Security Academy, with the participation of 25 Police Officers of District Police Directorates, mainly from Investigation Sector. A detailed description of the Italian legislation concerning types of invalidity, non-usability, irregularities of evidences and their effects was provided by the Italian Prosecutor, Mr. Francesco Ciardi. Concrete examples and cases were presented to the participants during the workshop.

Mr. Henrik Ligori, Prosecutor of Serious Crime Prosecution Office introduced Albanian legislation concerning types of invalidity, non-usability and their effects. Two Supreme Court decisions on invalidity of evidences were broadly discussed by the participants and the Italian prosecutor, mainly identifying the national approach and comparing it to the international one followed in each case.

The Workshop served to exchange views and practical experience with Albanian counterparts on types of invalidity and non-usability effects, followed by a highly professional and interactive technical discussion.



February 23, 2017 / PAMECA IV News